Program Description
The demand for project managers is increasingly vital to many areas of business today as a result of organizations embarking on complex projects with the view to creating unique products and services. Projects specification, scope statement and profiling require expert knowledge in cost, time, and quality management. Project Management Professional is structured to train students to apply contemporary project management principles, tools, and concepts to mitigate and manage challenges associated with modern project execution.

Objectives of the Program
By the end of this programme, graduates should be able to:

  • Apply contemporary models in selection, implementation and evaluation of projects
  • Manage both private and public projects
  • Manage Projects using the Triple Constraint (Cost, Time and Quality).
  • Appreciate the techniques used in formulating a project definition and scope statement
  • Apply techniques and concepts for managing project related complexities

Aim of the Program
The effective management of an organization’s project impact on the achievement of its goals. This goal is sometimes lost if the organization lacks key management personnel trained to manage the complexity of projects.

The programme seeks to provide students with opportunity to enhance their skills as project managers dealing with project planning and control, project implementation and management, and managing any risks associated with projects. Students will be able to use tools and methods efficiently and effectively, and introduce the most suitable technology to ensure success of their future projects.

At the end of the Certified Project Management Consultant candidates would be skilled in expediting by initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria

Students’ admission, progression and graduation
The Certified program is offered to the Doctorate, Maters, Bachelor, HND, Diploma, GCE Ordinary level, A level, SSSCE, WASSCE, and Mature students.

Program Levels
Level 1 – Ordinary Diploma

Level 2 – Advanced Diploma

Level 3 – Graduate Diploma

Level 4 – Executive Diploma

Level 5 – Chartered Professional

Level 6 – Chartered Manager

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