The authority to administer BedOAK Global Academy has been delegated by the Governing Board to the professional staff of academic administrators that BedOAK Global Academy has retained for that purpose. The President (also called Vice-Chancellor) of BedOAK Global Academy has the responsibility for ensuring that the institute achieves its mission through the effective and efficient management of its financial, human, and academic resources. The President is charged with overall responsibility for the administration of BedOAK Global Academy, including the implementation of board policy at all campuses. Assisting the President in these activities is the President’s Council, Deans, Department Chairs, Directors and Deputy Directors, who have shared responsibility for the administration of a number of key functions, including fiscal and property management, financial aid, student recruitment and services, information systems, institutional research, marketing, and development.

The membership of the Executive Board is as follows:

  • The President-Chairman
  • Vice Presidents
  • The Registrar
  • Heads of Schools
  • The Director of Finance
  • The Librarian
  • The Internal Auditor