Management Consultancy certification is designed to teach how to think, act, research and present like a management consultant, in a structured and compelling way.

It is for an individual looking to learn and develop critical tools and methodologies used by management consultants to succeed in their professional career.

Management Consultancy is designed to teach you the tools and techniques that will help you develop structured thinking and communication, as well as other critical skills that every professional and consultant must have in order to be a world-class manager or management consultant.

This certification is designed for individuals (students and professionals) that are looking to improve their management skills. This certification is designed to help anyone that faces challenging issues at work, needs to structure problems and find solutions, make decisions, and present effectively to sell an idea. This certification helps professionals in areas like strategy, marketing, sales, and business development among others. Management Consultancy is also ideal for consultants that have not received the training that top consulting firms teach internally.

Students’ admission, progression and graduation
The Certified program is offered to the Doctorate, Maters, Bachelor, HND, Diploma, GCE Ordinary level, A level, SSSCE, WASSCE, and Mature students.

Program Levels

  • Level 1 – Ordinary Diploma
  • Level 2 – Advanced Diploma
  • Level 3 – Graduate Diploma
  • Level 4 – Executive Diploma
  • Level 5 – Chartered Professional
  • Level 6 – Chartered Manager

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